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IMPACARS is presented at the Institute of Navigation, International Technical Meeting (ITM) 2019

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Dr Rajesh Tiwari, Senior Navigation Engineer at NSL, presented on the Integrity Monitoring and Prediction Concept and Prototype for Fully Autonomous Vehicle Resilience and Safety, “IMPACARS”, on 23rd January at the International Technical Meeting 2020, Institute of Navigation, San Diego, USA. IMPACARS is a NAVISP Element 1 ESA project. During his presentation, Dr Tiwari discussed the importance of the integrity required for a Level 5 classification of Autonomous Passenger Vehicle (APV). Dr Tiwari explained that there are no integrity standards defined for autonomous vehicles, and then discussed our innovative approach and the live operational testing that has completed using two vehicles in safe traffic environment scenarios. Our approach uses multiple on-board sensors including a V2X unit, three GNSS COTS receivers, an IMU, a 3D LiDAR and a RF frontend to capture baseband signal. Further field trials are due to take place within the next couple of months.

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